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It’s time to put down those razors, say goodbye to bumps and cuts and say hello to a chicer, sleeker you! We provide a variety of services that can meet your every need. From eyebrow waxing to manscaping, we’ve got you covered! You will be treated by the owner herself with 40 years of experience in waxing , not a newly trained staff member.

Get smooth, sleek and sexy. Waxing isn’t just about hair removal. It’s a skin care treatment as well. Our fast and effective waxing services will leave your skin hair-free and fabulously smooth. Before your first waxing service, please allow a minimum of ten days of hair growth.

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Parvin is AMAZING. I’ve been going to her for 10+ years; for a long time, she was the only person in town who could do threading, and she was a pro at it. I agree with everyone else that she is a waxing guru – fast, efficient, and professional. Once or twice I’ve had to go somewhere else for a wax, and I’m horrified by how much longer it takes and how much more painful it is. I’ve been going to her so long now that I can just text her to set an appointment, and she’s incredibly flexible and responsive… not to mention her prices can’t be beat (cash or check only).

- Kellie L.

Made a last minute reservation (15min before appt) here after my flight home was cancelled. Parvin was terrific about accommodating my last min reservation even though it was pretty unreasonable! Fastest (but still thorough) Brazilian wax I’ve ever had. She does use strips, but she’s still very fast and is clearly very good at her job.
Cash or check only, so come prepared!

Kiri K.

Parvin is definitely the best! She is so quick with the Brazilian wax. She always offers a friendly clean environment and does a very thorough job. If you want it done well, go to her.

Janeene H.

AMAZING waxes and facials. Im so happy she’s added more hours!! I love Parvin, I have been going to her for years!! I read the other reviews and it seems like the reviews that gave bad stars simply because they had a painful Brazlilian. Lets face it.. no brazilian feels great. At least you know with Parvin that she is doing a good job and is super fast and efficient!!! : )

Sophie R.

I did quite a bit of research before deciding on Parvin for my first Brazilian and I would advise first timers to make this place your first experience. She has been doing this for many years and knows how to make a very uncomfortable experience very comfortable. She explained everything she was doing and what to expect and after care. Don’t be fooled, it is quite painful but she is very quick and done before you know it……………although it may seems like a lifetime in that moment. I think her prices are much better than other spa’s in the Charlotte area…..I highly recommend.

Demetria M.

OMGGGGG!!!!! Thats what I yelled after the first….. well you know. I went to Parvin to get my very first Bikini wax for my wedding day. I wanted to do something special for the Hubby for the honeymoon. When she heard what I was doing it for, she convinced me that I should go all the way and get the full monty. A Brazilian Wax. To spice it up a little. So I agreed. She was extremely nice and comfort me because I was nervous as all get out and even though with every pull, I let out a slight yelp little a new born puppy, she was very quick and efficient and was done with in 5-8 minutes.
Walking out of the salon, I walked with a little more twist and I liked it. And the Hubby LOOVVVVEEEDD it!!! Will definitely be back again and again!!!

Tramela M.

I can’t vouch for her other services but if you are looking for waxing this is the BEST place to go. Parvin is exactly what you are looking for in a waxer….short, sweet, in and out. She may tell you to suck it up a little and don’t use numbing cream….but she won’t judge if you do 🙂 She is SO nice, client oriented and very professional. When it comes to getting a Brazilian I don’t dare go anywhere else!!! If you haven’t tried her…..you are missing out!

Emily S.

Parvin is phenomenal!! I’ve been going to Parvin since I moved here over 2 years ago. I tried many others before finding her and I have been to many over the years and I can say Parvin is tops!! I wouldn’t trust my brows (and such) to anyone else! She makes getting a brazilian wax comfortable. Who knew?! She’s awesome!

Katy W.

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